trenchless pipe replacement UK
trenchless pipe replacement UK
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K,nex was established in the early 90's and through continuous development has become recognised as both a main tier 1 supply chain partner to the industry.

From the early days K'nex have strived to promote the use of trenchless technology and have redefined the boundaries of pipe bursting.

To remain at the forefront of the industry substantial capital investment has been made to ensure that our equipment and workforce remain ahead of the competition in both technology and ability.

Due to our advancements in trenchless technology K'nex have now become a serious alternative for the renewal of pipelines where often location, depth and environmental factors have precluded the use of more traditional open cut methods.
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trenchless renewal and pipe bursting

Where construction constraints and engineering factors negate the use of other methods, pipe bursting can be achieved from existing manholes

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